Dr. Hunter Doughty conducts research and consulting on influencing human behaviour for conservation goals.


Research at the interface of humans and nature that works to increase both our understanding of human behaviour in relation to nature, and our ability to imbue impactful change to achieve biodiversity conservation and sustainability goals. Learn more…


With strong expertise in the behavioural sciences and in applying this skill-set to real-world conservation projects, Dr. Doughty brings critical insight and technical ability to meet the varied needs of cross-sector clients. Learn more…


A children’s book encouraging young readers to have an interest in STEM subjects and the wildlife just outside their doors; as well as exemplifying to them that they have the efficacy to make positive changes for both humans and nature. Learn more…

Research Interests
  • Human behaviour
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Sustainable consumerism
Communication Skills
  • Invited talks
  • Peer-reviewed papers
  • Public-facing pieces

Successful Impacts
  • Effective projects
  • Measurable behaviour changes
  • Cutting-edge methods


Dr. Doughty is working for the Combatting Wildlife Trafficking Branch of the US Government.

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