Abigail Ann

Abigail Ann in the Bike Path Predicament

Written by Hunter Doughty, Illustrated by Sarah Wood, Published by Oakenday Press.

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. Click here for Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Abigail Ann in the Bike Path Predicament is a playful project that seeks to empower children, particularly girls, with the confidence to think and act scientifically. This subtly educational story is woven through a fun and colorful book about a young girl who rescues an injured frog on a bike path and must use her ingenuity to engineer a lasting solution. Written by myself, illustrated by emerging artist Sarah Wood, and published by the new start-up Oakenday Press, Abigail Ann is at the locus of science education and art communication. 

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Why It Matters

A 2015 NSF study showed that women in the workforce comprised only 12.9% of engineering occupations, and 24.7% of mathematical or computer science occupations. Further, the percentage of women graduating with a bachelor’s degree in all science and engineering subjects, except agriculture and social sciences, decreased from 2004 to 2014 (NSF, 2015).

Our book aims to address this discrepancy head-on by engaging girls aged seven to nine. In addition, this book seeks to increase reading literacy, self-efficacy, and outdoor play in all children, especially those in depressed socio-economic brackets through our Title I Bookshare Initiative (see How You Can Help below).

Research in psychological development shows that that narratives can serve as as memorable touchstones in a child’s development (Kellert, 2002). A story like Abigail Ann can continually remind children of their ability to enact change in the world, and their capability to pursue science and math oriented careers, regardless of social or economic obstacles.

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How You Can Help
Currently, we are dedicated to donating one free copy of Abigail Ann to a Title I school for every twenty books sold. And beyond this baseline donation, our Bookshare Partners Initiative also includes three ways that your partnership can significantly increase the number of children we reach. These include:
  • A commitment to matching every book sold in a one month period, with a donated copy to a Title 1 school, up to 100 copies.
  • A commitment to purchasing 10 or more copies for donation to a Title 1 school.
  • Mutual support and promotion, to further raise awareness for our unified missions.

Want a Copy?!

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. Click here for Amazon US and Amazon UK.

If you are interested in possibly supporting this science-minded creative endeavor, please contact me anytime!

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*All illustrations are credited to the wonderful Sarah Wood,
and property of Oakenday Press.*