My name is Dr. Hunter Doughty and I am a behavioural and conservation scientist.

My specialisation is in employing human behavioural sciences and applied behaviour change approaches, to address conservation challenges.

I currently work for the Combatting Wildlife Tracking Branch of the US Government. This last year I finished a doctorate at the University of Oxford where I conducted an evidence-based behaviour change intervention targeting consumers of an unsustainable and illegal wildlife trade product.

Through my past endeavours I have worked with and researched both wildlife and the humans that use wildlife, all over the globe. I have gained experience in a range of topics from understanding elephant cognition, to assessing human hunting of carnivores, and consulting on environmental impact.

Lastly, my first children’s book, published in 2016, is a fun narrative to encourage young students to enter into the sciences. Abigail Ann in the Bike Path Predicament is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

This webpage is an accumulation of my path and research to date, as well as my unending pursuit in understanding the life of the wild.