My name is Hunter Doughty and I am a conservation biologist.

As a young scientist passionate about making a major impact in conservation, I have studied, observed, and worked with animals all over the globe. Through my many endeavors I have gained experience in a range of conservation-related positions, from carnivore ecology, to environmental law, elephant cognition, and large-scale meta-analyses.

I am currently finishing the largest challenge of my career to date: a doctoral candidacy at the University of Oxford, studying evidence-based behavioural interventions for consumers in the illegal wildlife trade.

Aside from my personal research, I am the Social Media Manager for Think Elephants International, a US based non-profit that performs elephant cognition research, as well as pre-college education programs that teach science and conservation.

Lastly, I have also recently written my first children’s book that I hope will encourage young girls to enter into the sciences. Excitingly, Abigail Ann in the Bike Path Predicament is available on Amazon.

This webpage is an accumulation of the many wonderful things that make up my path in conservation biology, as well as my unending pursuit in understanding the life of the wild.