Elephant Research in Thailand

For a year I lived in a small town in the north of Thailand where I spent my days eating pad Thai, learning how to drive a motor scooter, bonding with the local street dogs, and oh ya, studying elephant intelligence.

This incredible opportunity was a research assistantship with US non-profit Think Elephants International, and their CEO, the leading elephant cognition scientist, Dr. Josh Plotnik.

While in Thailand I maintained a blog entitled The Year of the Elephant. It’s chalk full of photos, descriptions, and contemplations of being an elephant researcher in the strange world of northern Thailand. You should definitely check it out.

Excitingly, I am now the social media manager for this awesome organization. We are daily posting elephant photos, facts, and Think Elephants updates, which means I am a seriously busy gal! To see all the going-ons at Think Elephants, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PinterestYoutube, or follow our blogs.